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Long-term tests of the upgraded optical module have begun at SEC NEVOD

The Scientific & Educational Centre NEVOD has begun testing the upgraded optical module KCM-6M, created on the basis of the Hamamatsu R877 photomultiplier detector with a flat photosensitive cathode, 15 cm in diameter.

Based on the KCM-6M optical modules, it is planned to create two additional recording planes of the Cherenkov water calorimeter (16 optical modules in each). Thus, the effective volume of the calorimeter will be increased from 800 to 1200 cubic meters, and the detecting grating of detector will take on a symmetrical shape relative to the walls of the water basin.

The aim of the doing modernization of the Cherenkov water detector is to work together with the making created coordinate detector on the TREK drift chambers, which will register inclined groups of muons. In this case, the energy release of muons will be measured in a Cherenkov water calorimeter.

Independent measurements of the particle multiplicity in groups of muons and their energy release is the most realistic way to solve the "muon riddle".


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