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NRNU MEPhI scientists become laureates of the prestigious Research Excellence Award Russia 2021

The prestigious Research Excellence Award Russia 2021 was presented at the international press center of the «Russia Today» (Autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) “TV-Novosti”, Channel “RT TV”) on March 30. The award is awarded to scientists for their contribution to the development of national and international science, which is determined based on the number of published articles indexed in the Scopus database, their citation, as well as taking into account expert judgment. At the same time, the nomination "Young Scientist" stands out separately. The event was timed to coincide with the Year of Science and Technology and was held with the support of the The Russian Union of Rectors, The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), The Russian Science Foundation (RSF), The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), The Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in Science and Technology (RIEPL), The State Corporation "Rostec" and Russia Today.

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI is actively developing fundamental and applied research areas, supporting the high publication activity of its employees. Largely due to this, in 2021, two scientists from NRNU MEPhI were awarded the Research Excellence Award Russia: Wolfengagen Viacheslav E., Professor of the Division of Cybernetic Intelligence Systems of NRNU MEPhI, was awarded for an outstanding contribution to the development of informatics, and Soldatov Evgeny Y., and Evgeny Soldatov, Associate Professor of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering NRNU MEPhI, received an award in the Physics subject area in the Young Scientist nomination.

Congratulating all the winners, chairman of the board of The Elsevier Yongsuk Chi said: “In the Year of Science and Technology, we celebrate Russia's brightest scientific talents: those who support the country's economic growth, develop healthcare, international cooperation and scientific innovation. These eminent scholars show how Russia's academic success can extend beyond the borders of the country and impact global society.”

The Research Excellence Award Russia 2021 is a continuation of the ten-year tradition of honoring outstanding researchers in Russia and part of Elsevier's global initiative to support scientists. This award was first presented in China in 2004. Since then, the awards have been awarded to the most published and cited authors and organizations in Europe and Russia, Latin America and Asia.


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