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Leading engineer of Scientific and Educational Center NEVOD presents report at Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Workshop (CRA-2019)

From 7th to 11th of October, the Symposium on Cosmic Ray Anisotropy (Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Workshop CRA-2019) takes place in L’Aquila (Italy). Scientists from all over the world are gathered there to discuss the origin, composition, propagation and modulation of cosmic rays. Particular attention is paid to anisotropy of small and large scales, as well as to the influence of interstellar and heliospheric processes on the observed signals. At the workshop, M.B. Amelchakov, the leading engineer of Scientific and Educational Center NEVOD, has presented a report on the results of search for anisotropy of cosmic rays with energies of more than 1 PeV using muon bundles registered with the coordinate-tracking detector DECOR of the Experimental Complex NEVOD. The technique for measuring cosmic ray anisotropy by means of muon bundles has aroused a great interest among the workshop participants, since the experiment being carried out at MEPhI is unique. After the report, M.B. Amelchakov was asked a large number of questions. The session chairman of the session was even forced to postpone the discussion until the coffee break.


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