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Safe nuclear energy:

tolerant nuclear fuel, non-proliferation and guarantees, new principles of the nuclear power plant control

  • Control and safe operation of SCWR
  • Tolerant nuclear fuel
  • Innovative construction materials
  • Technologies of protection against the nuclear material proliferation

New forms of energy and subnuclear technologies:

Development of techniques for the detection of quark-gluon matter, dark matter particles and neutrinos

  • Properties of quark-gluon plasma
  • Basics of dark matter particle and neutrino detection
  • Processes in the early Universe as the basis of the observed forms of energy


Development of technologies for decommissioning of nuclear power facilities (Green Field)

  • Technology of the NPP decommissioning
  • Materials for the renewable power generation

Power supply:

two component nuclear power with a closed nuclear fuel cycle

  • Innovative Nuclear Reactors
  • Technologies of closed fuel cycle 


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